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In this article, we’ll be looking at each of these rme fireface uc in detail. This website collects data from 84469 different reviews to give you an idea of which rme fireface uc is really the best. We’ll discuss their features, prices, and other important information to help you decide which one is right for you. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the best rme fireface uc in 2024.

Top-rated Rme Fireface Uc Comparison 2024

Bestseller No. 2
RME Fireface UCX 36 Channel 24 Bit 192kHz High-End USB and FireWire Audio Interface
  • PERFECT FOR LIVE & STUDIO - The Fireface UCX is a highly integrated pro audio solution in an ultra-compact format for studio and live recordings. It continues RME's long tradition of designing compact high-end interfaces, packing into a half-rack size unit what usually would be spread out over two or three 19 inch panels. In doing this the Fireface UCX marks a new packing record: 300 electronic components more than inside the already well-stocked Fireface UC!
  • EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY - Equipped with a new 2011 A/D and D/A high-performance converter design all I/Os operate at up to 192 kHz. The AD/DA conversion supersedes the outstanding technical specifications of the Fireface UC/400 with an impressive 114 dBA dynamic range on both record and playback. The advanced multi-bit converter architecture guarantees excellent S/N and THD specs across a wide analog level range.
  • STEADYCLOCK - RME's unique jitter suppression technology guarantees perfect sound quality throughout, making the device completely independent from the quality of external clock signals. Due to the highly efficient jitter reduction, the UCX converters operate independently from the quality of the external clock signal, as if they are working with internal clock all the time - guaranteeing a pristine sound quality! SteadyClock allows the Fireface UCX to control the sample rate freely on its own.
  • SETUP MEMORY - Internal memory allows for the permanent storage of six different presets of the unit. Therefore the Fireface UCX is able to operate fully stand-alone, without any connected computer. In stand-alone operation, it can transform into totally different devices by the simple click of a button. Furthermore, in this mode, TotalMix FX can also be controlled via MIDI.
  • CONNECTIVITY - 18 Input / 18 Output channels, 8 x Analog I/O, 2 x Mic/ Line Preamps, digitally controlled, 2 x Line / Instrument inputs, digitally controlled, 1 x SPDIF I/O coaxial, 1 x ADAT I/O (or 1 x SPDIF I/O optical), 1 x Word Clock I/O, 2 x MIDI I/O (via breakout cable), 1 x FireWire 400, 1 x USB 2.0 (USB 3 compatible), TotalMix FX (with UFX effects engine)
Bestseller No. 3
RME Portable Studio Recorder, USB 2.0 (FF UCX II)
  • CONVENIENT: Easily control the device from the front panel and enjoy access to every feature
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Includes 40-channels and an integrated digital recorder to directly play back your jam sessions
  • DEPENDABLE: Enables you to completely replace an external mixer and create multiple latency-free monitor mixes with EQ, Dynamics, and Reverb
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Features line-level outputs that are DC-coupled with CV and Gate Voltage control
  • ACCURATE: Capable of transferring analog and digital audio data to Windows and Mac computers
Bestseller No. 4
RME Fireface 802 Hybrid USB/FireWire Audio Interface with 12 x 12 Analog I/O, ADAT/SMUX and AES/EBU Digital I/O, 30-in/30-out and DSP-driven Onboard Mixing with Effects
  • An impressive 30-in/30-out hybrid audio interface with high-speed USB and FireWire connectivity
  • 12 Analog inputs include TRS line jacks and 4 combination DI/XLR microphone preamps based on the acclaimed OctaMic II
  • RME's top-shelf converters with active jitter control deliver extreme clarity and superb stereo imaging
  • Optical and XLR digital I/O support up to 18 channels including ADAT, SMUX, and AES/EBU protocols
  • DSP-driven mixer offers latency-free monitoring with EQ, dynamics, reverb, and delay
Bestseller No. 5
  • +19 / +4 dBu switch on the bottom adds a direct way to reduce the output level, thus improves SNR for sensitive active monitors, avoids distortion / overload, and helps to keep TotalMix FX faders near 0 dB instead of high attenuations.
  • Full SteadyClock FS circuit as in the ADI-2 Pro FS for lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity.
  • 3. 5 mm TRS phones output power rises from 70 mW to 90 mW. THD of both phones outputs improved by up to 10 dB. Uses same output op-amps as ADI-2 Pro now. Output impedance of 3. 5 mm TRS lowered from 2 Ohms to 0. 1 Ohms.
  • Mic inputs SNR improved from 112. 2 dB to 113. 7 dB, TRS Line inputs SNR improved from 114 dB to 116. 3 dB (120 dBA). THD Line inputs improved by 8 dB.
  • 6 samples less latency on the AD side by new ADC (5 samples AD, 7 samples DA. It won't get quicker. . . ).
Bestseller No. 6
RME ADI2DACFS Ultra-fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz 2-Channel DA Converter
  • The most versatile DAC available, the ADI2DACFS provides balanced/unbalanced analog I/Os, extreme power headphone output, a low noise in-ear-monitor output, SteadyClock FS, class-compliant USB compatibility, and same rates up to 768 kHz
  • Developed by RME engineers, the updated ADI-2 DAC uses ESS's ES9028Q2M in a particular circuit variant that allows the chip to perform with professional-level quality
  • The ADI-2 DAC FS allows those who use in-ear-monitors to receive the full dynamic range on playback, and its ground noise floor is 10dB lower than the one of the Extreme Power output
  • When AutoDark is activated, the display, function keys, volume knob, and the standby button go off after 10 seconds of no user operation while touching any button or control will turn on all lights for 10 seconds
  • Included is a new extended multi-remote support that has clearly labeled buttons for accessibility in any lighting situation
Bestseller No. 7
RME Audio Interface (DIGIFACE AVB)
  • Work clock I/O and bus power - PC
  • Transfer up to 256 channels of audio between PC and network
  • Additional headphone output allows high quality monitoring
  • A glance into the future of audio network technology
Bestseller No. 8
RME Audio Interface (BABYFACEPRO)
  • Includes: 4 x Analog I/O, 2 x Phones Output, 1 x ADAT I/O, 1 x MIDI I/O, USB 2. 0, TotalMix FX, Class Compliant Mode, 2 x Line/Instrument Input
  • High-end yet portable interface incorporates newly designed analog and digital circuits
  • Energy saving technologies provide supreme fidelity with no compromises in level, noise or distortion.
  • Created with the highest precision from a block of aluminum
Bestseller No. 9
RME Microphone Preamp (QUADMICII)
  • 4 x mic preamp inputs
  • Quadmic II is battery powerable and thus excellent for remote applications
  • A first choice for superior studio recordings
  • Excellent signal/noise Ratio, lowest harmonic distortions and wide gain range
Bestseller No. 10
Digiface USB 66-Channel 192 kHz USB Audio Interface
  • Takes RME's famous HDSP Digiface and improves it with USB 2 connectivity, bus power, and expanded I/O
  • 4 Optical inputs/outputs accept either ADAT or S/PDIF and support SMUX and SMUX4
  • RME's powerful TotalMix provides easy routing and monitoring
  • Runs on RME's MADIface series driver and shares ASIO with several other RME devices
  • Bus-powered for complete portability
Bestseller No. 11
RME Babyface Pro FS USB Audio Interface
  • 12 in/12 out USB Audio Interface with 24 total channels
  • 2 microphone preamps and 2 instrument preamps
  • Full SteadyClock FS circuit as in the ADI-2 Pro FS for lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity
  • 6 samples less latency on the AD side by ADC (5 samples AD, 7 samples DA. It won't get quicker...).
  • Rugged aluminum chassis that is durable and portable enough to take with you on the go
Bestseller No. 12
RME 2-Channel Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz AD/DA Converter (ADI2PROFSRBE)
  • The most flexible converter, the ADI2PROFSRBE provides balanced/unbalanced I/Os, double extreme power headphone outputs, SteadyClock III, 4-stage hardware input and output control, DSP-based signal processing, and class-compliant USB compatibility
  • Perfect for those who take a no-compromise approach to audio, the ADI2PROFSRBE features two servo-balanced analog inputs on combo XLR / TRS jacks, two separate balanced and unbalanced outputs on XLR and TS, two stereo Extreme Power headphone outputs on the front, an optical SPDIF I/O that also understands ADAT, and coaxial SPDIF (RCA) and AES I/O (XLR) via an included breakout cable
  • Ideal for sound capture and reproduction, the main PCB is a ten-layer design with a custom copper thickness that provides undisturbed sound
  • Offers high-resolution display operation with the 5-band parametric EQs for entirely individual phone compensation, adjustable Bass/Treble controls, adjustable loudness filter, and selectable AD/DA filters
SaleBestseller No. 13
RME Condenser Microphone (AVBTOOL)
  • Features high-grade quality analog inputs with the most commonly found analog signals in a control room, studio, or on stage
  • Designed with a highly advanced solution for AVB networking, including eight streams in AM824 or AAF formats, for full control
  • Control the state of your device directly from the front panel with an encoder and buttons for convenient, direct access to all features with plug’n’play for rapid user interaction
  • Custom built with digital clocking for an excellent performance in all clock modes and high quality analog conversion to hear your mix crystal clear
  • Includes a USB 2.0 port with the ability to remote control the device via a web-interface on any network link (including wirelessly over Wi-Fi)
Bestseller No. 14
RME MADIface USB 2.0 Audio Interface with 2 x MADI I/O (Optical and Coax), and TotalMix FX Management Software
  • Allows you to record and play back MADI digital audio on your Mac or PC
  • Supports 64-in/64-out at 24-bit/48kHz, 32 channels at 24-bit/96kHz, and 16 channels at 24-bit/192kHz
  • TotalMix FX mixing software gives you unlimited routing of inputs and outputs, and up 32 fully independent stereo submixes
  • Can operate standalone as a MADI optical/coax format converter or as a signal repeater
  • Comes with DIGICheck, a complete audio measurement, analysis and test tool
Bestseller No. 15
RME 12-Channel Digitally Controlled Microphone Preamp with Integrated Madi and AVB (12MIC)
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Designed for reliability with two fully redundant audio network ports to boost operational satisfaction into the next decade
  • PREMIUM CONNECTION: Experience outstanding signal-to-noise ratio on all channels through twelve transparent mic preamps for exceptional conversion performance
  • HIGH-QUALITY FEATURES: Three optical ADAT outputs produce 12-24 channels of ensuring audio capability for a wide range of audio interfaces, while MADI provides independent or redundant operation for maximum flexibility
  • UNIVERSAL: Everything is configured locally on the small TFT display screen with a group of buttons to control functions such as phantom power, input source connection, polarity, and channel grouping
  • PLUG 'N' PLAY: Control all device states directly from the front panel for convenient, rapid user interaction with direct access to quick routing of any analog inputs straight to your headphone output, as well as all digital signals and AVB streams
Bestseller No. 16
RME AD Converter (ADI2PRO)
  • A high-end AD/DA converter
  • Professional studio quality
  • A double headphone amplifier in true high-end quality
  • A USB DAC like no other - the most versatile and capable one a high-end AD/DA front end and headphone amp for iPad/ iPhone
  • a multi-format converter (AES, SPDIF, ADAT) with monitoring function
Bestseller No. 17
RME ADI-2 DAC FS Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD DA Converter with AKG K240 Studio Pro Headphones & 10-Pack Straps Bundle
  • The ADI-2 DAC includes an improved SteadyClock, a fine-tuned to perfection analog circuitry, new MRC remote control, Extreme Power headphone output and a very special IEM output
  • It has all the bells and whistles that made the ADI-2 Pro famous, including its perfectly transparent sound signature and full DSP processing with Bass, Treble, Loudness, 5 Band Parametric EQ, Crossfeed and much more
  • The ADI-2 DAC is the home and hi-fi optimized version of the ADI-2 Pro, a studio AD/DA converter of the highest quality
  • As the most versatile DAC available, the ADI-2 DAC offers balanced/unbalanced analog I/Os, an Extreme Power headphone output, a super low noise IEM output, SteadyClock FS, 4-stage hardware output level control, DSP-based signal processing, external power supply operation, Class Compliant USB compatibility, sample rates up to 768 kHz as well as DSD and Direct DSD playback
  • The updated ADI-2 DAC uses AKM's AK4493 in a special circuit variant developed by RME engineers that allows the chip to perform at its best. With noise levels of 123 dBA, distortion less than -120 dB, or THD+N of -116 dB, the device delivers outstanding measured values
Bestseller No. 18
RME AD Converter (ADI2FS)
  • Features three different settings for input and output levels that provide perfect compatibility in the analog domain.
  • Through excellent digital connectivity, the coaxial RCA SPDIF I/O has a switchable Channel Status to make it fully AES/EBU compatible (cable adapter required)
  • With input selection set to DIG the device works as a digital format converter with simultaneous monitoring
  • Using power of up to 0.7 watts per channel, 0.1 ohm output impedance, a maximum output level of +19 dBu and very low THD (-110 dB), the High Power² headphone circuitry is universally applicable
  • Custom built with digital clocking for an excellent performance in all clock modes and high quality analog conversion to hear your mix crystal clear
Bestseller No. 19
RME Audio Interface (HDSPMADI-FX)
  • Utilizes an innovative new layout of TotalMix, which enables ergonomic handling for the enormous number of channels
  • The 192 kHz RME effects engine allows latency-free monitoring with effects such as EQs, Compressors, Reverb, and Echo rendered directly on the hardware of the card
  • Features a sufficient amount of audio channels for every conceivable project including two optical and one coaxial MADI I/O
  • Analog monitoring output is ideally suited for high-and low-impedance headphones thanks to the powerful monitoring features of TotalMix
  • All units can be programmed with their own ID, allowing independent remote control of multiple devices via a single MIDI channel
Bestseller No. 20
RME Microphone Preamp, (OCTAMIC-XTC)
  • Prevents overload by automatically reducing the gain when the input level gets too high
  • Channels can be freely assigned to up to four groups
  • Dedicated LEDs for present signal, overload, phantom power, and PAD/instrument mode for every input channel are accompanied by detailed metering on the color display
  • Two high power TRS stereo line/phones outputs provide high volumes with high and low impedance headphones

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