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In this article, we’ll be looking at each of these jhs colour box preamp in detail. This website collects data from 22834 different reviews to give you an idea of which jhs colour box preamp is really the best. We’ll discuss their features, prices, and other important information to help you decide which one is right for you. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the best jhs colour box preamp in 2024.

Top-rated Jhs Colour Box Preamp Comparison 2024

Bestseller No. 1
JHS Pedals Jhs Colour Box V2 Preamp
  • A full-fledged studio-grade preamplifier, EQ, and distortion generator with multi-instrument and microphone compatibility
  • The Gain section controls the overall volume of the unit, the amount of gain between the two internal gain stages, and the gain of each preamp stage in five stages
  • Using the new Hi/Lo switch, get ultra clean sounds without breakup when distortion is not needed or achieve a broad spectrum of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz sounds
  • A -20dB pad switch on the right side of the unit tame the volume for high output microphones when in XLR input mode
  • The new Shift knobs in the EQ section adjust the range of frequencies that the Treble, Middle, and Bass knobs control to give you precision control over the EQ
SaleBestseller No. 2
JHS Pedals JHS Clover Preamp/Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
  • The Volume control allows you to set your volume at unity or as a boost to push your amp or dirt pedals
  • 3 EQ controls to give you tons of control to cut or boost Bass, Mid and Treble
  • The rotary switch has 3 settings: Full EQ, No Mid and No EQ
  • Low Cut dip switch removes some of the lows if you feel your tone is too muddy and can help you cut through a mix
  • In addition to the standard 1/4 inch input and output; the Clover has an XLR output for using as an acoustic or bass preamp
Bestseller No. 3
JHS Pedals JHS Little Black Amp Box Signal Converter
  • Tames a Screaming loud tube amp by running through the effects loop and Controlling the amount of signal sent to the Power section
  • Lets you Really push the front end of Your amp for the natural feel and tone that you can’t get any other way
  • Retain the response and tone of Your amp’s Sweet spot at lower levels
  • High grade components keep Your tone clear and pure
  • Passive Design Doesn’t require any Power
SaleBestseller No. 4
JHS Pedals Overdrive Preamp, Black (OP)
  • The JHS Overdrive Preamp is a faithful replication of the unobtainable V1 of DOD’s most loved pedal
  • The Level control adjusts the overall output of the circuit and lets you cut or boost the signal. The level control of this version has been modified (corrected) from the original wiring of the #75 unit, giving this pedal much more volume on tap.
  • The Gain control adjusts the amount of gain inside the overdrive circuit. Turning up “Gain” creates more clipping as it pushes the op-amp and hard clipping into overdrive.
  • We’ve also added a slider switch to this production version, which wasn’t included with the original DOD 250. While researching the #75 “Big Box” pedal, I acquired a second early big-box unit which used a completely different clipping arrangement. It only seemed fair to offer this switch so that you could explore these two variations for yourself.
  • This “Big Box V1” DOD 250 circuit definitely feels like a 250, but with a few changes: more gain/grit overall and more unique low/mids. This is a must-have addition to any DOD collector’s lineup, or for anyone who's curious about how it all started.
Bestseller No. 5
JHS Pedals Packrat Distortion
  • The PackRat is the ultimate tribute to the 40+ years of rodent evolution and its impact on the guitar’s sound
  • Artists from every genre have used the iconic tones in this unassuming black box to create their sounds
  • Building on our Multi-Mode pedal series that includes the Muffuletta and Bonsai, the PackRat uses the same unique digital runway system to direct the paths of 261 components through 40 individual switches
  • When you choose one of the nine legendary or rare modes, you are playing fully analog circuits that perfectly replicate that mode, even down to the aging components (also known as component drift)
  • Power: Uses 9V DC Negative Center. Do not use more than 9V DC. Your warranty will be voided. 100mA max consumption
SaleBestseller No. 6
JHS Pedals Bonsai 9-Way Screamer Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal, Green
  • The Bonsai is our tribute to one of the greatest pedals ever created, the Tube Screamer
  • A Simple rotary knob switches through nine classic, vintage, rare, or hard to find variations of the Screamer
  • The Bonsai Does Not emulate these pedals, it is exact replications of these nine units all housed in one box
  • Choosing a mode on the Bonsai rotary actually activates components specific to each unit
Bestseller No. 7
JHS Pedals JHS Bender Fuzz Pedal
  • Volume control sets the overall output level of the effect; turn it up and things get louder
  • Tone control lets you sweep between bright and dark tones so that the Bender works well with a range of different amplifiers and guitars
  • Attack is the distortion control, the more you turn it clockwise, the more fuzz you create
  • Push the "Mode" button for more gain and a mid frequency boost to send you leads soaring through the mix
  • If you love the fuzz sounds of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, The Beatles, Mick Ronson (David Bowie), and My Bloody Valentine, then the Bender is for you
SaleBestseller No. 8
JHS Pedals JHS Paul Gibert PG-14 Signature Distortion Pedal
  • This circuitry allows the player to have the dynamics and tone of loud stadium level amplifier at - low/moderate volume levels
  • A second unique and essential feature of the design is that an active mid-frequency preamp is located at the front of the FET distortion circuitry
  • This design feature gives the user a vast sweep of tonal possibilities with any amp or guitar combination
  • The PG-14 is an end-all pedal for adding the ultimate dirt channel to your amplifier. A bonus feature is that it gives you all of Paul Gilbert's talent, decades of experience, and countless years of practice! Just hit the footswitch!
  • The Paul Gilbert PG-14 runs on 9V DC negative center power
SaleBestseller No. 9
JHS Pedals Jhs Cheese Ball Fuzz Distortion Pedal
  • Has your standard volume, gain, and tone knobs found on most distortion fuzz boxes, but comes with an extra Mode selector knob that gives you four different overall tone and gain selections
  • In the “off” position, the tone knob is disengaged, giving you a bright and trashy fuzz/distortion sound
  • In the “1” position you have a mid-scooped sound that will give you a big Muff style buzz for a rounded sound reminiscent of fine mozzarella that sits just right on your pizza but doesn't get in the way
  • The “2” position is a mid-boost sound that will cut through a mix like a hot knife through velveeta
  • The “3” position gives you a biting, gated fuzz tone that, when cranked, spits, spats, and bites like Gorgonzola naturale
SaleBestseller No. 10
JHS Mute Switch
  • Latching Mute Footswitch
SaleBestseller No. 11
JHS Pedals JHS The Kilt V2 Overdrive and Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Compact and versatile tone-machine
  • When both toggles are down, you are in the lightest gain setting, amp-like chimney breakup
  • G1 flipped up adds a touch of drive for more riffy grit
  • G2 flipped up puts you almost into distortion land, with more saturation and sustain for lead tones
  • Both toggles flipped up sends the Kilt V2 into almost uncontrollable gated fuzz/distortion that will cut through anything
SaleBestseller No. 12
JHS Pedals JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Univibe with Tap Tempo Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Uni-vibe Photocell Modulator w/ Tap Tempo
  • All-Analog signal path delivers a warm, touch-sensitive tone
  • Dry/wet toggle selects between a Uni-Vibe and Vibrato effect
  • Left two controls are your tone, right two controls are your speed, toggle is your effect
  • Requires standard 9V DC negative power
Bestseller No. 13
JHS Pedals 3 Series Reverb (3SREVERB)
  • Made in Kansas City USA
  • An extremely versatile unit that allows you to achieve any reverberation effect, all the way from small room sounds to nearly endless washes of ambiance
  • The EQ lets you perfectly adjust for a bright or dark texture to the reverb's overall tone
  • The Pre-Delay knob allows you to select a short delay before the reverb begins. This lets you explore effects ranging between slap-like singing in the shower sounds and spacey spring-like sounds
  • Runs on 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 74mA
SaleBestseller No. 14
JHS Morning Glory V4 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal & JHS Red Remote Footswitch
  • Product 1: Designed to be one of the most transparent overdrives out there
  • Product 1: Adds mid to low level grit to Your crystal clean tone and tube like touch response to a less than ideal amp
  • Product 1: Boosts a crunchy tone into thicker sustain and switches between two gain levels on the fly
  • Product 1: Delivers all the tonal and responsive nuance that Your amp is missing, and Nothing that Your tone alReady has
  • Product 2: Use with select JHS Pedals to remotely activate the on board toggle found on the pedal itself
SaleBestseller No. 15
JHS Pedals JHS Muffuletta Fuzz, Army Green, (MFG)
  • The Big Muff fuzz has been around so long, been on so many classic recordings, and been through so many variations that every guitarist out there has a favorite version of its iconic tone
  • We crammed five all-analog re-creations of the pedal’s most beloved tones into this box
  • We even threw in a JHS-exclusive tone that is our take on the historic stomp
  • No matter what Big Muff era you prefer, you can get ‘em all in the JHS Muffuletta fuzz pedal
  • This pedal requires standard 9V DC negative power, consumes 4mA, and measures 2.2"X4.8"X1.6"
SaleBestseller No. 16
JHS Morning Glory V4 Transparent Overdrive Pedal with 3 Patch Cables
  • GUITAR PEDAL BUNDLE INCLUDES: The JHS Clean Boost/Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal with Volume, Drive, Tone, and Gain Controls with 3 Patch Cables
  • MORNING GLORY V4 TRANSPARENT OVERDRIVE PEDAL: Clean Boost/Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal with Volume, Drive, Tone, and Gain Controls
  • SIMPLY DESIGNED: Crank the Drive control until you reach your desired level of overdrive, twist the Tone knob to hit the sweet spot, then set your master output level with the Volume knob
  • 6-INCH (3-PACK): MXR Pedalboard Patch Cable 3-pack with Right-Angle 1/4" Connectors
  • PEDALBOARD PATCH CABLES: Each cable is 6 inches long and is outfitted with rugged right-angle plugs
Bestseller No. 18
JHS Mini Foot Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Simple-to-use Volume and Fuzz controls are all you need
  • From nasty and spitting to smooth and massive tones
  • Measures 3.6" x 1.5" x 1"
  • Saves valuable pedalboard real estate
  • Standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA
Bestseller No. 19
JHS Pedals EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi Illuminati Mod Fuzz Pedal
  • Toggle up is Stock Triangle Muff distortion
  • Toggle up is Stock Triangle Muff distortion
  • Toggle middle provides a more open/powerful distortion
  • Toggle down will give you more saturation and full raging fuzz
  • The Gate knob lets you dial in the exact right amount of spitty gated fuzz

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