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In this article, we’ll be looking at each of these behringer subwoofer 12 in detail. This website collects data from 85464 different reviews to give you an idea of which behringer subwoofer 12 is really the best. We’ll discuss their features, prices, and other important information to help you decide which one is right for you. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the best behringer subwoofer 12 in 2023.

Top-rated Behringer Subwoofer 12 Comparison 2023

Bestseller No. 1
Behringer Eurolive B1200D-PRO 500W 12 inch Powered Subwoofer
  • Variable High-cut Filter
  • Built-in Crossover
  • High-Pass Filtered Outputs
  • Thermal and Clip Limit Protection
Bestseller No. 2
Behringer EUROLIVE B1200D-PRO High-Performance Active 500 Watt 12" PA Subwoofer with Built-In Stereo Crossover
  • High-performance 500-Watt powered subwoofer for PA applications
  • Powerful 12'' long-excursion transducer with high temperature voice coil provides incredibly accurate and pulse-pounding bass
  • Precise reproduction of ultra-low frequencies for "bulletproof" punch and impact
  • State-of-the-art 500-Watt Class-D amplifier with comprehensive over-excursion, thermal and clip limit protection
  • Built-in active stereo crossover provides high-pass filtered outputs for full-range loudspeakers
Bestseller No. 3
Behringer B1500XP 3000W 15 Inches Powered Subwoofer
  • 15" Active PA Subwoofer with 3000W Class D Amp
Bestseller No. 4
Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D 500W 18 Inches Powered Subwoofer
  • 18" Powered Subwoofer with Class-D Power Amp
  • Built-in Stereo Crossover
  • Variable High-cut Filter
  • High Cut Control
  • Phase Switch
Bestseller No. 5
Behringer VQ1500D 500W 15" Powered Subwoofer
  • Active 500-watt 15" PA Subwoofer with Built-In Stereo Crossover
Bestseller No. 6
Behringer VP1220 800W 12 inch Passive Speaker
  • 800W/8-ohm Passive PA Speaker with 12" Woofer 1.75" Titanium-Diaphragm Compression Driver
Bestseller No. 7
Behringer Eurolive B115W 1000W 15 Inches Powered Speaker
  • 1,000W PA Speaker with 15" Low-frequency Driver
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (each)
  • 1.35" High-frequency Driver
  • Dual XLR/TRS inputs
Bestseller No. 8
Behringer B12X 1000W 12 Inches Powered Speaker
  • 000-watt Powered Speaker with 12" LF Driver
  • Bluetooth Streaming (each)
  • 3-channel Digital Mixer
  • Klark Teknik DSP
  • Wireless Control
Bestseller No. 9
Behringer Nekkst K10S 10 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer
  • Powered 180W Subwoofer with 10" LF Driver
Bestseller No. 10
Behringer NX3000 Power Amplifier
  • SmartSense Loudspeaker Impedance Compensation
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Twist-lock Speaker Connects
  • 2-channel Power Amplifier
  • 900W Peak/ch at 4 ohms
Bestseller No. 11
Behringer Eurolive B212D 550W 12 inch Powered Speaker
  • Integrated Pole Mount (each)
  • Built-in HF LF Protection
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
Bestseller No. 12
Behringer EPS500MP3
  • Mixer can be used either while installed in the speaker or detached for easy positioning and access
  • Studio-grade stereo reverb adds finishing touch to your sound
  • Enormous power, incredible sonic performance, and super-lightweight
Bestseller No. 13
Behringer B112W Active 2-Way 12" PA Speaker System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Wireless Microphone Option and Integrated Mixer
  • High-Power 1,000-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels
  • High-performance Bluetooth* A2DP technology to stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-compatible device
  • "Wireless-ready" for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless microphone system (not included)
  • 2-channel mixer with individual Mic/Line inputs, Volume controls and Clip LEDs
Bestseller No. 14
Behringer Eurolive F1220D 250W 12 Inch Powered Speaker
  • Feedback Filter (each)
  • Adjustable feedback filter and integrated limiter for ultimate system control and speaker protection
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
  • Exceptional sound quality, wide frequency bandwidth and dynamic range
Bestseller No. 15
Behringer Eurolive B108D 300W 8 Inches Powered Speaker
  • 8" 2-way Active PA Speaker with Wireless Option (each)
  • 300W
Bestseller No. 16
Behringer Eurolive B115MP3 1000W 15 Inches Powered Speaker
  • 15" 2-way Active PA Speaker with Wireless Option
  • MP3 Player (each)
  • Integrated Mixer
  • 1,000W
Bestseller No. 17
Behringer Europort PPA500BT 6-Channel Portable PA System with Bluetooth
  • 6-channel Ptable PA System with 2 Mic/Line Inputs
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 2 Stereo Line Inputs
  • Built-in Effects
  • Two Speakers
Bestseller No. 18
Behringer Eurolive Professional B1520 PRO 1200W 15 inch Passive Speaker
  • 2-way Passive PA Speaker with 300 RMS Power Hling
  • Overload-protection Circuitry (ea)
  • 15"
Bestseller No. 19
Behringer Eurolive B205D 150W 5.25 inch Powered Monitor Speaker
  • 150W Active PA Speaker with 3-channel Mixer
  • 5.25" Driver (each)
  • 3-b EQ
Bestseller No. 20
Behringer VS1220 600W 12 inch Passive Speaker
  • 600W/8-ohm Passive PA Speaker with 12" Woofer Dual Electrodynamic High-frequency Drivers

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